Innovative Solutions in Flow Measurement and Control - Oil, Water and Gas

- Aug 28th to Aug 30th 2017.

Welcome to Flotek.g

Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI) periodically organizes Global Conference and Exhibition flotek.g held at FCRI Palakkad, Kerala, India.Five Editions of flotek.g have been successfully conducted on the themes as indicated below.

1. Flow metering and Control for the new Millenium- Sep 20th to sep 22nd 2000.
2. Hydrocarbon Flow Measurement-Sep 22nd to Sep 24th 2003.
3. Towards Intelligent Flow Measurement & Control-Sep 26th to Sep 28th 2007.
4. Towards Smarter and Greener Flow Measurement and Control Oil , Gas, Water
- Jan 8th -Jan 20th 2012.
5. Innovative Solutions in Flow Measurement and Control-Oil, Water and Gas
- Aug 28th to Aug 30th 2017.

            The flotek.g Conference presents an enlightening forum for sharing information and knowledge on trends in technological advancements in flow measurement and control solutions, process and product research, manufacturing and education in the Fluid Flow domain.

The conference is designed as a not-to-be-missed valuable event and an opportunity to Researchers and Industry professionals to share experience, ideate and co-create on innovations, learn and unlearn scientific methodology and applications.